Why is the Doteasy Email Protection System spamming me with daily Spam Quarantine Notifications?

By default, the Doteasy Email Protection System sends spam quarantine notifications on a daily basis.  The spam quarantine notifications are to advise you that your Doteasy Email Protection System has identified email messages which could be spam and have placed them in your Spam Quarantine Inbox.
You will find an auto sign-in link on the spam quarantine notification.  You can use the link to access your Doteasy Email Protection System and manage the quarantined messages or edit your anti-spam preferences, including when spam quarantine notifications are sent.
**For clients currently not subscribed to any email spam filtering services**

If you are currently not subscribed to the Doteasy Email Protection System but are receiving daily Spam Quarantine Notifications, it would mean that your account has been chosen for the Doteasy Email Protection System no-risk free trial offer.  For more information, please refer to this article:


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5th of July, 2013

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