I received a Free Trial notification from the Doteasy Email Protection System.

We have recently upgraded the Doteasy email spam filtering service to the Doteasy Email Protection System. If you have received a Doteasy Email Protection System Free Trial notification, please be advised that your account has been selected for a special limited-time offer free trial of the service. This trial offer allows you to try out the powerful email virus protection and spam filtering capacity of the Doteasy Email Protection System on all email accounts under your domain name.
This is a no-risk free trial. Upon the expiry of the trial period, a renewal notice will be sent to you. You will be given the option to continue with the Doteasy Email Protection System or, have it removed from your account without any obligations.
If you would like to continue with the Doteasy Email Protection System, the service will be continued at US$6.95/month. There will not be any service disruption in this process.
If you choose not to continue with the Doteasy Email Protection System after the trial period ends all you need to do is reply No to the server renewal notice that will be sent to you at the end of the month. The service will be removed from your account. There is no email service disruption in this process and you will not receive any further spam quarantine notifications.
Because this is a no-risk free trial offer, we strongly recommend that you give the Doteasy Email Protection System a test drive. The Doteasy Email Protection System is a versatile rules-based anti-spam system. One of the key features is that in comparison with the current Doteasy Spam and Email Virus Protection Service, it allows users more flexibility and customization of the level of spam control needed. It also comes with a simple-to-use web based interface, complete with daily spam quarantine notifications and graphical reports.
For more information and other features and benefits of the new Doteasy Email Protection System, please visit http://www.doteasy.com/web-hosting/email-protection.cfm.

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29th of August, 2013

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