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  1. questionWill there be any disruption to my email and anti-spam services?
    No, there will not be any disruption to your email or anti-spam services. This service switch-over only involves your anti-spam firewall. Your mailserver and email accounts will not be affected. Your emails will continue to be scanned by the firewall during the migration. However, as your DNS re ...
  2. questionThe Spam Quarantine Notification states that I have 99 quarantined messages. But when I log into my admin account, I only see 3!
    The spam quarantine notification sent to the domain email administrator is actually a summary of the total count of quarantined messages in both the email administrator and the default “catch-all” quarantine accounts.
  3. questionWhy is the Doteasy Email Protection System spamming me with daily Spam Quarantine Notifications?
    By default, the Doteasy Email Protection System sends spam quarantine notifications on a daily basis. The spam quarantine notifications are to advise you that your Doteasy Email Protection System has identified email messages which could be spam and have placed them in your Spam Quarantine Inbo ...