What is the Spam Threshold and how should I set it?

All emails have a spam score. The spam score is determined by the spam-scanning rules. The higher the score, the more “spam-like” the message appears. Any message scoring 5 or higher is held in the pending trap.


The strictest (strongest) setting corresponds to holding all messages that score 3.5 or higher. The most lenient (weakest) setting corresponds to holding messages that score 6.5 or higher. The middle, and recommended, setting holds messages that score 5 or higher.


This means, if you have set your spam threshold to 5, all messages that have a spam score of 5 and above will be held in your Doteasy Email Protection System pending trap for your intervention. Emails with a spam score of 4.9 or lower will automatically pass to your email inbox.


To set your filter’s aggressiveness, click on one of the radio buttons from “Weak” to “Strong”.


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8th of August, 2013

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