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  1. questionWhy is some spam still getting through?
    Whether or not something is tagged as spam depends on its spam score. You can examine the headers of the spam email to see if it did get scored, and if so, adjust your Spam Threshold to make the system less lenient when sorting emails. You can also label the email to help the spam detect ...
  2. questionWhat is a Spam Threshold?
    Spam Threshold is a score assigned to a piece an email. This score is based on a set of rules that mail is checked against for known spam issues. The lower this threshold, the lower the score the email has to have before it is marked as “Spam”. While the spam score can vary ...
  3. questionCan I make it so mail from a specific sender always gets through or is always blocked?
    Yes, if an email from a sender is in your spam trap, you can click on that email address and select the desired action. To add an address when you do not have an email in your spam trap, you'll need to do the following: 1. Click on the Rules tab 2. Select the Senders tab 3. Enter t ...
  4. questionIf I use the Add User function, do I still need to create the user account via my Doteasy webmail system?
    Adding a user account to your Doteasy Email Protection System does not automatically create the user account under your domain. If the user account you have just added is not an existing user account, you will need to create the user account via your Doteasy webmail interface. You can re ...
  5. questionWhat is a blacklist? What is a whitelist?
    A black list is a list of “bad” addresses or domains to refuse email from. A whitelist is a list of “good”, or known, addresses or domains to accept email from. You can have a list of these that alter how mail is delivered to you.
  6. questionWill Doteasy Email Protection System send me an email notification of my spam?
    Yes, by default Doteasy Email Protection System will notify you twice daily of trapped messages. You can change your notification settings by clicking on the Preferences tab, then the notification tab and then selecting the times of day you would like to be notified.
  7. questionWhat are Frozen Incidents?
    When an incident is first created as a pending incident, you can change the disposition of the incident: you can accept it, mark it as spam, whitelist the sender, etc. After you dispose of an incident, it becomes frozen. A frozen incident is one whose disposition cannot be changed, beca ...
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