What are Frozen Incidents?

When an incident is first created as a pending incident, you can change the disposition of the incident: you can accept it, mark it as spam, whitelist the sender, etc.


After you dispose of an incident, it becomes frozen. A frozen incident is one whose disposition cannot be changed, because the message has already been handled by Doteasy Email Protection System.


The rules for freezing an incident are as follows:


  • If the message was stored locally, then it is frozen as soon as you either accept or reject the message. No further changes are possible.


  • If the message was kept on the sending relay using temporary-failure codes, then the incident is frozen on the first retransmission after you have marked the message for acceptance or rejection. Thus, there is a small (and unpredictable) window after you mark the message, but before it is retransmitted, during which you can change your mind.

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4th of July, 2013

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