The Doteasy Email Protection System Features & Quick Setup (Video)

The Doteasy Email Protection System is a versatile, rule-based, enterprise level anti-spam system. With this system, each of your email users can set their own level of spam control. Graham from Doteasy will walk through how to configure the protection system as follows:

1:14 - Viewing Stream
2:08 - Preferences: Quarantine Settings - Spam Threshold & Tag Settings
5:03 - Preferences: Notification Settings
7:18 - Preferences: Import/Export Rules
8:04 - Preferences: Quarantine Actions Display Settings
9:01 - Rules Settings - Restricting Specific File Types
9:44 - Custom Rules Settings
10:07 - Blacklist Settings
11:07 - User Accounts Management

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21st of June, 2016

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