I want to change my Doteasy Email Protection display preferences.

You can make further changes to your spam filtering settings in the Preferences section. This page allows you to set display and notification preferences.


1. Click on Preferences.
2. Select Preferences.

3. You can change the following display settings:

·         Number of messages to display per page: Controls the number of messages per page in the message summary. Allowable values are 10, 30, 50, 100 or 200.

·         Sort messages by: Lets you sort messages either by date or by SPAM-scanning score.

·         Sort order: Controls the sort order (ascending or descending).

·         Show relay column in trap display: If you select No, then the "Relay" column is not shown in the SPAM trap display. This may improve the layout on small screens.

·         Show recipient column in trap display: If you select Yes, then an extra "Recipient" column is shown in the SPAM trap display. Only the first recipient is shown; if there are more than one, then an elipsis (. . . ) is displayed. Note that you cannot sort the trap display by recipient.

·         Show the "Actions Taken" page: If you select Yes, then when you take actions against messages, senders, and so on, Doteasy Email Protection System displays a summary page describing the actions taken. If you select No, then b Doteasy Email Protection System skips this summary page, taking the specified actions and returning to the original page immediately.

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8th of August, 2013

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