What is Bulk Blacklisting/Whitelisting?

The Bulk Entry page allows you to enter a large number of hosts, domains or senders into the blacklist or whitelist table at the same time.


To see the Bulk Entry page, click on Rules and then Bulk Entry.



On the Bulk Blacklisting and Whitelisting page:


·         Enter the items you want to blacklist or whitelist (one per line).’

·         If you want to enter item-specific comments, enter them following a pound system, like this: item # item-specific comment. If you want a global comment to apply to all items that lack an item-specific comment, enter the comment in the Global Comment entry box.

·         Select the action. You can bulk-enter senders, hosts or domains. Choose the appropriate entry type and action from the menu.

·         Click on the Submit Changes button to submit the bulk data.



Once entered and added to your Doteasy Email Protection System, the rules will be file to the appropriate sections. For example, all Sender rules will be found under the Senders tab and all Domain rules will be found under the Domains tab.


Note: In the bulk-entry text box, blank lines and lines starting with a pound sign (ie. #) are ignored.




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8th of August, 2013

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