What information is contained in the Incident Detail?

To view the details about a pending message incident, click on the date of the particular message.


The incident page contains the following information:


a)       Incident ID is a number assigned to each pending message. This ID lets you track down the pending message.
b)       Date is the date the message was first received.
c)       Subject is the message subject. You can click on the subject to see the message body.
d)       Score is the spam-scanning score.
e)       Status and Action is the incident status. It is one of the following:
  • New incident; only one transmission so far.
  • This incident is still open.
  • Message was not spam
  • Message was spam

f)         Bayes Training tells you how the incident was trained using statistical analysis.
g)       Freeze Status tells you whether or not the incident is frozen.
h)       Resolution is the action that was taken to dispose of the incident. If the incident is still pending, you will have the opportunity to dispose of it here.
i)         Resolved By is the user who resolved the incident.
j)         The Host Information table displays each relay host that attempted to deliver the message.
k)       The Recipients table lists all of the recipients of the message.
l)         The History table is a log of actions taken for this incident. This logs when the incident was opened, when it was closed and who closed it.
m)     The Spam Analysis Report is a list of spam-scanning rules which triggered, along with the weight assigned to each rule.

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