Links in the Message Summary Display – where would they take me?

The Message Summary Display contains many links.



These links are as follows:


a)       Click on the Date to display incident details.


b)       Click on the Subject to display the first portion of the message body. (


c)       The Sender entry is split into three parts. Click on the first part (user@) to open the Sender Action page. Click on the second part ( to open the Domain Action page. Click on the last part (W) to perform a WHOIS query on the sender domain.


d)       The Relay entry is split over two lines. Click on the first line (the relay’s IP address) to open the Host Action page. Click on the second line (the relay’s host name, if resolvable) to open a WHOIS query on the relay’s IP address.


e)       Click on the Knowledgebase button to go directly to the “Doteasy Email Protection System” section of the Doteasy Knowledgebase.

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8th of August, 2013

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