How do I configure my Netscape Mail?

1. Start your Netscape software. Click 'Edit' and select 'Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings...'

2. On the Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings page, click 'Add Account...'

3. On the New Account Setup page, select 'Email account' and click 'Next'.

4. On the Identity page, enter the email sender's name as 'Your Name:' and the email sender's email address as 'Email Address:' and click 'Next'.

5. On the Server Information page, select 'POP' as the incoming server type and enter as the 'Incoming Server:' and click 'Next'.

6. On the User Name page, enter as the 'User Name' and click 'Next'.

7. On the Account Name page enter a name for this email account profile within Netscape and click 'Next'.

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3rd of July, 2013

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