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  1. questionCan I setup a shopping cart on my Basic Hosting account?
    If you wish to setup your own shopping cart, you will need to upgrade to our Unlimited Hosting plan. This plan will give you the PHP and MySQL support for most shopping cart softwares. With this hosting plan, you can setup osCommerce which you can input your products and implement payment option ...
  2. questionCan I install a shopping cart on my website?
    Yes, if you are using the Unlimited Hosting plan, you will be able to setup a shopping cart on your website. This hosting package provides support for PHP and MySQL which most shopping cart scripts require. A shopping cart script that we recommend you to use is Zen Cart. For more information o ...
  3. questionDo I need an SSL certificate?
    In order for sensitive information, such as credit card information, to be sent securely over the internet, you will need to purchase an SSL certificate. The Doteasy Ultra Hosting and Unlimited Hosting services support SSL certificates. You can purchase an SSL certificate for your domain name an ...
  4. questionPaypal Buy Now Button
    Doteasy Tutorials - Ecommerce How to install a Paypal Buy-Now button on your website. The Paypal Buy-Now button is available to all Paypal users and is the simplest way to offer something for sale on your website and take payment for it. Assuming that you have created a description of your prod ...
  5. questionWhat is E-Commerce?
    E-commerce is simply a term used to describe conducting retail business through the internet. More clients are using the internet as a means to sell their products. But in order to do so, they will need to have some sort of shopping cart script in order to display their products and allow cust ...
  6. questionWhat is the Doteasy Commerce System?
    The Doteasy Commerce is a Doteasy hosted e-commerce solution that can be ordered as an add-on feature. For more information on the Doteasy Commerce System, please visit: