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How to install a Paypal Buy-Now button on your website. The Paypal Buy-Now button is available to all Paypal users and is the simplest way to offer something for sale on your website and take payment for it.

Assuming that you have created a description of your product or service and have included an image, the payment The process involves setting up the button in Paypal to define the description and price of the item and copying and pasting HTML code onto the page on which the button will be installed.

Note that a separate button must be created for each product sold so this method is only recommended for users who are selling 10 products or services or less. For those with more products, the use of a shopping cart is recommended.

Part I - Creating the Paypal Button


 Login to your Paypal account.

Click the Merchant Services tab and click Buy Now Button.

Define the details of the product or service for this button click Create Button.

HTML code will appear on your screen. Click Select Code and press CTRL+C for Windows or CMD+C for Mac or right-click and choose Copy.

Part II - Adding the Paypal Code to Your Website Code

Launch Website Creator and edit the page on which you wish to install the button. Click the Source icon to edit the source code for that section.

Paste your Paypal code into the edit box and click OK.


Click Save and click Publish to publish your work. A Buy Now button will be inserted on the page.

When visitors click this button, they will be re-directed to Paypal where they can send you payment and you will be notified by email.




If you require additional assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service team:

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