What is E-Commerce?

E-commerce is simply a term used to describe conducting retail business through the internet.  More clients are using the internet as a means to sell their products.  But in order to do so, they will need to have some sort of shopping cart script in order to display their products and allow customers to submit orders.  That's what a script like OSCommerce is for, it is the complete front-end shopping cart that you would use to display your products and allow people to place orders online.

In order to secure your server so that sensitive information, like credit card information, is secure when sending over the internet, you will need to purchase and install an SSL certificate.

An SSL certificate is what allows your website and online store to accept information via the internet, securely and identifies your store as a legitimate online business. When installed on the server where your site is being hosted, an SSL certificate will encrypt all information before transmitting it over the internet.

The Doteasy Unlimited Hosting service supports SSL certificates. You can purchase an SSL certificate for your domain name and we will install it for you.

If you would like to purchase an SSL certificate for your domain name, we provide GeoTrust SSL certificates.  Geotrust is currently one of the industry leaders for SSL products.  We offer the 1 year QuickSSL certificate for US$159 (25% off the retail price).

Exclusive QuickSSL features:
• Fully automated 10 minute provisioning process
• True 128-bit SSL encryption
• Compatible with 99% of all browsers
• Real-time, two-factor telephone authentication
• Business registration (DUNS number equivalent)

If you wish to purchase a certificate, please contact us to do so.

How you process payments and ship products to the customer is entirely up to you.  Many clients starting off in e-commerce use online payment gateway services like PayPal or Worldpay as a means to process credit card transactions online.  This is something that you could look into as well.

You can also visit the Doteasy E-Commerce Guide for more information: http://apps.doteasyblog.com/Blog/?c=eCommerce&p=1

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4th of July, 2013

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