Change Account Password

1. Sign into your Doteasy Member Zone.

2. Click on the Change Password function under the "Member" section.

3. Enter your current password and the new passworsd you wish to use. When you are ready, click on the Request Change button.

1. Your password must be 8-14 characters long. You may only use letters and numbers. Symbols are not allowed. Do not use any spaces between characters.

2. Password cannot be the same as your Member ID.

3. Once you have submitted your password change request, the new password will take effect:
  • Member Zone - immediately
  • Webmail Admin - 2-4 hours
  • FTP - 2-4 hours
  • Site Admin Panel (for Unlimited Hosting users) - 2-4 hours
  • MySQL (for Unlimited Hosting users) - unchanged
If you need to change the password to your MySQL, please do so via your Site Admin Panel.

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4th of July, 2013

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