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  1. questionCan I setup and manage multiple users to use my FTP?
    Yes, with the Unlimited Hosting plan, you are able to create and manage multiple FTP user accounts. This is done through your Site Admin Panel. You can access your Site Admin Panel via your Member Zone.
  2. questionDoes Doteasy support anonymous FTP access for client web hosting?
    No. Doteasy does not offer anonymous FTP access at this time.
  3. questionI am receiving FTP errors, what do they mean?
    The most common FTP error messages are: 401 FTP: This service not accepting users now, goodbye. This means that the FTP server is congested and refusing connections. Please try connecting again later. 431 FTP: Log-on unsuccessful. User and/or password invalid. This means that you may have ente ...
  4. questionI cannot FTP to my site, I get a '530 Not logged in' error.
    For new accounts: It could be that your account setup is not complete yet. We suggest that you try accessing it again in 12 hours. For existing accounts: Most likely, the user ID you have entered is incorrect. Please ensure that you are entering your Doteasy Member ID as the user ID. If you ar ...
  5. questionWhich FTP client should I use to upload my files to your server?
    There are many FTP clients you can use to upload your files to your Doteasy account. Windows: Leech FTP CuteFTP CoreFTP CoffeeCup Free FTP FileZilla CrossFTP AceFTP FireFTP LeapFTP WS_FTP SmartFTP Mac: CyberDuck Classic FTP for Mac Fugu Fetch AbleFTP CuteFTP Mac Professional You can find ...
  6. questionWhat is my FTP login information?
    Your FTP login information: FTP Host: Username: Your Doteasy Member ID Password: Your Doteasy password
  7. questionWhat is Passive mode?
    Passive mode is when the FTP client sets up and controls the connection to the FTP server. The passive command tells the FTP server to open up a specified port and wait for a connection from the client.
  8. questionWhat is Active mode?
    Active mode is when the FTP server sets up the connection. The firewall on the clients side will see an outside connection trying to initiate with a computer internally and will generally not allow the connection. This is because the FTP server is controlling the connection and the FTP client's ...
  9. questionWhat is FTP?
    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is commonly used to transfer files from one computer to another. For web hosting, you will be using FTP to transfer files from your computer to the your Doteasy web server.