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  1. questionWhat happens if my site ends up requiring more than the allotted disk space?
    If your server storage usage reaches 100 MB, the server will reject your attempts to upload more files with an Disk Quota Exceeded! error message. You will need to order a disk storage space upgrade from your Member Zone.
  2. questionI have uploaded my files, but I still get an "Under Construction" page?
    If you are still getting the "Under Construction" page on you browser, you may wish to check the following: 1. Did you name your homepage file 'index.htm'? When your account was setup, we have uploaded a default "Under Construction" page for you. This "Under Construction" page was named 'index.h ...
  3. questionHow do I transfer my files to my Doteasy account?
    You'll need to use FTP in order to transfer your files to your Doteasy web server. You can find out more about FTP here:
  4. questionDoes Doteasy have a maximum file size for transfers to the FTP server?
    No. The only limitation on the maximum file size for uploading to the server is the remaining disk space you have for your account.
  5. questionHow soon after uploading my files will my website be able to be viewed online?
    Your HTML files should be visible immediately after uploading to the server. If you cannot view the updated files immediately, it could be because of a browser cache. In this case, you can clear your browser cache files and try viewing the website again. You may also wish to test your website ...
  6. questionIs there any restriction on when can I update my website?
    You may update your site whenever and as many times as you wish. There are no restrictions on your FTP access.
  7. questionWhat is my FTP login information?
    Your FTP login information: FTP Host: Username: Your Doteasy Member ID Password: Your Doteasy password
  8. questionWhat is FTP?
    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is commonly used to transfer files from one computer to another. For web hosting, you will be using FTP to transfer files from your computer to the your Doteasy web server.