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  1. questionWill canceling my Doteasy web hosting services cancel my domain name as well?
    No, canceling your Doteasy web hosting services will not cancel your domain name registration. If your domain is registered with Doteasy, you will continue to have access to its domain management functionalities until it expires.
  2. questionWould canceling one of my accounts affect the rest of my accounts with you?
    No, because each Doteasy hosting account is a separate unit, canceling one of your accounts will not affect the functionality of your other Doteasy accounts.
  3. questionI do not wish to continue with my domain name and website.
    If you no longer need your domain name and/or your website, you can simply let us know by submitting your cancellation request through our Contact Us form. After we have received and confirmed your request, we'll make sure that your account is not renewed once it expires.
  4. questionHow can I cancel my account?
    You can cancel your account by sending your account cancellation request to our Customer Service team. We'll make sure your account is canceled when your current service term ends. When you send your request, please be sure to include the following information: Doteasy Member ID Password Reaso ...