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  1. questionWhat is the Doteasy Website Creator?
    The Doteasy Website Creator is an easy-to-use online website building application that allows you to create, manage and publish your webpages without having any experience or HTML knowledge, using just your web browser. For more information, please visit:
  2. questionI can’t see the pictures on my website.
    If your images are not displaying on your web page it could be due to one of the following reaons: • The path to the image file is incorrect. • The image file does not exist on the web hosting server. • The html code for the image is incorrect. If you right-click the bro ...
  3. questionCan I create a custom error page like the 404 or 403 error pages?
    Yes, if you're using the Unlimited Hosting plan, you'll have the ability to create customized 403 and 404 error pages. To create your custom 404 error pages, here's what you will need to do: 1. Create your own custom 404 error page (for this example, we will call it error.html) 2. Create a tex ...
  4. questionCan I setup a link from my site to Paypal to accept online payments?
    Yes, you can. Please visit PayPal's website for more details:
  5. questionHow should I name my web pages? .htm or .html?
    There is no difference between .htm and .html pages. The server will recognize both of these file extensions. For consistency, you should name all of your web pages as .htm only or .html only. In terms of your website's home page, the .html extension will have priority over the .htm extension. ...