Can I create a custom error page like the 404 or 403 error pages?

Yes, if you're using the Unlimited Hosting plan, you'll have the ability to create customized 403 and 404 error pages.

To create your custom 404 error pages, here's what you will need to do:

1.  Create your own custom 404 error page (for this example, we will call it error.html)

2.  Create a text file called htaccess.txt using any text editor (Notepad for example)

3.  In htaccess.txt, enter in the line

ErrorDocument 404 /error.html

4.  Save the file

5.  Upload it to the /public_html/ directory in your FTP account

6.  Rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess (if the file disappears it is normal since it is a system file)

7.  Visit your website to a non-existent page to confirm if the error page is working correctly

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23rd of December, 2014

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