Auto Responders

This feature can be configured to automatically send response messages. This can be useful when the recipient is unavailable.

To view auto responders for a specific domain on your account, click the Managing: menu and choose a domain.

The cPanel interface provides a table where links can be used to edit or delete existing responders. To quickly find a specific email address, enter a keyword in the Search field and click Go.

Add an Auto Responder

To add or edit an auto responder:

  1. Click Add Auto Responder or find an email address and click Edit.
  2. Choose a character set.
  3. Define your email address and domain name.
  4. In the From, Subject, and Body fields, enter the text that should appear in the auto responder’s message.
  5. If the message includes HTML tags, click the HTML Message checkbox.
  6. Click Create/Modify to store the new auto responder.
ALERT! Note: cPanel includes tags, enclosed in percent signs (%), which you can use to insert information, such as the sender’s subject, into the body of the email.

Remove an Auto Responder

To delete an auto responder:

  1. Click Delete next to the appropriate auto responder.
  2. Click Yes to confirm that the responder should be deleted.
    • If you wish to keep the auto responder, click No.

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