How to enable BoxTrapper

The BoxTrapper feature allows you to block unwanted email.

BoxTrapper functions as a spam filter for email addresses. The filter works through “challenge-response” verification. When an email is sent to an account that has enabled BoxTrapper, a verification email is automatically sent in response. This verification email requires the original sender to reply to the verification request, leaving the subject line intact. When the reply is received, the original message will be delivered to the intended recipient’s account.

The goal in enabling BoxTrapper is to block BoxTrapper emails that will not reply to the verification email.

Enable BoxTrapper

1. Click on the BoxTrapper icon under Mail.

2. Select the appropriate email account by clicking the Manage link next to the account.

3. Click the Enable button.
Note: When BoxTrapper is enabled, even when automatic whitelisting is disabled, any email address that you send email to will automatically be added to the whitelist, allowing email to be reached from that address without an authentication process.

Configure BoxTrapper

By clicking Configure Settings, you can enable BoxTrapper for your email address. Enter all addresses forwarding mail to this account into the Email addresses going to this account box, separating them with commas.

It is also possible to define how many days to keep logs (overviews of all messages sent to your account) and messages (sent to your account by not yet delivered).

Automatic whitelisting can also be enabled or disabled using the appropriate checkbox. When automatic whitelisting is enabled, senders who successfully complete the verification process will not need to complete the verification process again when sending you email in the future.

Once you have entered all of the information, click Save.

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23rd of December, 2014

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