What are Quick Links?

Because of the hierarchical arrangement of the Doteasy Email Protection System, it may take two clicks to get to a page. Some pages allow you to add them to a personal menu of "Quick Links".


For example, go to the Rules > Senders page. At the bottom of the page is a button called "Add to Quick Links".



Click on the button and the Sender Rules page will be added to your own personal menu of quick links.  



This way, you can make pages you access frequently available from any other page with a single click.


To remove a page from the Quick Links menu, visit that page and click on the Remove from Quick Links button at the bottom of the page. To clear out all your quick links, click on the Clear Quick Links button. Confirm the clearing by clicking on the Really Clear Quick Links button.


Note: Not all pages are quick-linkable; any page that is immediately reachable from the top-level menu is not quick-linkable, and neither is a page that depends on user input or form data.


Quick Links are maintained on a per-user basis, so different users can have their own sets of quick links, according to how they use Doteasy Email Protection System most effectively.

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8th of August, 2013

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