How do I add my user accounts to the Doteasy Email Protection System?

By default, the Doteasy Email Protection System is setup to offer domain-wide email protection and a single administrator has been  created for you to manage all held messages.

However, if you require account-specific filtering, you can also setup individual user accounts. Each of these user accounts will correspond to the email user account already created under your domain and allows more privacy and control to the email holder.

Use the "Add User" function to setup Doteasy Email Protection System  for your domain email users.


1. Click on the Manage User Accounts tab.

Click on the Add User link.

Enter the new user account name and password.

When you are ready, click on the Create button.

*NOTE: Adding a user account to your Doteasy Email Protection System does not automatically create the user account under your domain. If the user account you have just added is not an existing user account, you will need to create the user account via your Doteasy webmail interface.

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8th of August, 2013

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