Why is the "nobody" alias not supported on the Doteasy SmartMail system?

Unfortunately, the 'nobody', or 'catch-all', email alias is not supported on the Doteasy SmartMail system.

Previously on the original Doteasy Webmail system, users were allowed to create a 'catch-all' or 'nobody' alias to receive emails that are sent to a domain without any corresponding email addresses. This function was useful in catching all emails sent to a domain name so that no emails will be missed. However, this function also created a lot of problems as it allowed spammers to send unsolicited emails to random email addresses. This created extra stress on the mail servers, affecting mail server functionality and performance.

The Doteasy SmartMail is designed to maximize server performance and email functionality. The 'catch-all' nobody alias is no longer offered in order to reduce the load on the server caused by spam.

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29th of August, 2013

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