Why did my domain transfer fail?

Transfer Registrar requests can fail due to many reasons:

1. The admin contact email address on your domain registration record is incorrect

As part of the transfer process, you will need to reply to the confirmation email the registry sends to the domain admin contact email address.

If your domain admin contact email address is no longer valid, you can update it using the Change Contact Info function in your Member Zone. You will need to advise your new registrar of the update so they can reinitiate the transfer registrar process for you.

2. The transfer registrar confirmation email was not replied within the allowed timeframe.

To ensure the validity of the transfer registrar request, the registry requires you to reply to the confirmation email within a pre-set timeframe. If you have missed the reply deadline, your transfer registrar request will be rejected. Please contact your new registrar to reinitiate the transfer process.

3. Your domain is locked.

Your domain can be locked due to a couple reasons: domain locking service or registrar-imposed (usually due to account problems).

If there is an outstanding problem on your account, you will need to contact us for rectification and domain unlocking procedures.

If you have subscribed to the Doteasy Domain Locking service, you will find the function to unlock your domain in your Member Zone.

If you do not have the Doteasy Domain Locking service, you will need to contact us to have your domain unlocked.

4. Your domain has expired

If your domain has already expired, please contact us to have your domain renewed before you retry the transfer process.

5. Your domain is within the first 60-days of registration

Please wait until your domain is at least 60-days old before you retry your transfer request.

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23rd of December, 2014

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