Can I renew my domain with Doteasy even though I purchased it from another company?

Yes, you can. Because the domain is currently registered with another registrar, your renewal request will be processed as a Transfer Registrar request.

Before you begin, please ensure that:

1. Your domain is not locked with your current registrar

If your domain is locked, you will need to contact your current registrar and have them unlock it first.

2. The admin contact email address on your domain whois record is valid

If the admin contact email address on your domain whois record is no longer valid, you will need to contact your current registrar and get it updated.  Your current registrar will also need to provide you with the AuthCode for your domain.

3. At least 60 days have passed since your domain was registered or last transferred

The central registry will not approve any transfers for domains that are not yet 60 days old.

Once you are ready:

1. Send us your domain renewal request via the Renew Domain function in Member Zone.

2. The system will process your domain renewal payment and initiate the Transfer Registrar process.

3. The registry will send a confirmation email to the listed domain admin contact email address. You will need to reply to it with your domain's AuthCode within the allowed timeframe.

4. Once the registry receives your reply, they will notify your current registrar about your transfer request. Some registrars have added their own confirmation requirements for transfers away from their system, so please be aware of these procedures. If your current registrar takes no action, the transfer is automatically completed after a grace period of 5-9 days. In the event that your current registrar refuses the transfer process, you will have to contact them to resolve any outstanding issues.

5. Once the registry receives the approval from your current registrar, they will notify us and we will complete the rest of the process for you.

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23rd of December, 2014

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