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  1. questionMySQL Database Wizard
    cPanel can guide you through the process of setting up a MySQL database, along with the requisite accounts and privileges, step by step. To set up a database using the MySQL Database Wizard: In the New Database field, enter a name for the database. Click Next Step. In the Username field, ent ...
  2. questionMySQL Databases
    Databases offer a method for managing large amounts of information easily over the web. They are necessary to run many web-based applications such as bulletin boards, content management systems, and online retail shops. If you need to create a database as well as the account that will access it ...
  3. questionphpMyAdmin
    phpMyAdmin is a third-party tool included with cPanel, used for maniuplating MySQL databases over the Internet. Using phpMyAdmin, you can add and drop databases, create, alter, and delete tables, add, edit, and delete fields, execute SQL statements, and manage users, keys, and permissions. For ...