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  1. questionWhere can I find a copy of the Domain Registration Agreement?
    You can find the Domain Registration Agreement here:
  2. questionWhere can I find a copy of the Hosted Applications Policy?
    The Hosted Applications Policy can be found here:
  3. questionWhat is your policy on spam?
    We have a zero tolerance for spam. If you need to sending out mass emails that are legitimate, you can consider using the mailing list management tool included FREE in our Doteasy Web Tools. If we receive complaints against your account from email recipients and/or ISP’s reporting spam, yo ...
  4. questionWhere can I read Doteasy’s service Terms and Conditions?
    You can find a copy of our Terms and Conditions at:
  5. questionWho do I contact if I need to report a violation of Doteasy’s Terms and Conditions?
    You can submit your concerns to our Abuse Department at Alternatively, you may reach us through our Contact Us form.