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  1. questionCan I choose to stay with the current server?
    The migration is mandatory as the current servers are becoming less reliable and security updates are no longer provided by our software vendor.
  2. questionWill the cPanel migration affect my email service?
    Email service are not be affected by the migration.
  3. questionWhere is my old website traffic statistic data?
    The old Webalizer data can not be merged into the new cPanel server, however, you can download the old webalizer file in the "webalizer" folder which is availalbe in your FTP root directory (/public_html/webalizer)
  4. questionIs there any downtime to my website?
    Your website should not experience any downtime as we will have both servers running while we perform the migration.
  5. questionCan I still update my website during the migration?
    To avoid data lost we will be disabling FTP services during the migration period.
  6. questionWill everything work once the migration is completed?
    Due to differences between the servers, there are something which will require you to test and make changes to in order for services to resume as previous. Some of these items include: a) PHP Scripts may stop working as the PHP and MySQL version has been updated. Therefore, you will need to cont ...
  7. questionDo I need to copy my files to the new server?
    We will migrate all of your account data, including files, databases, subdomains, users etc., will be carried over to the new cPanel system.
  8. questionWhat is the benefit for this migration?
    cPanel offers many advantages over your current server setup. Some benefits include: better security, better stability, newer PHP and MySQL versions, ability to host multiple add-on domains on a single account and many more.
  9. questionWill my FTP login info and publishing location change?
    Yes, once on cPanel, both FTP login and publishing location will change. Please login to Member Zone, Click on FTP info under Quick Reference for account specific information.
  10. questionWhat happened to my Frontpage website?
    For customers using Frontpage Extensions, please contact us for special migration arrangement.