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  1. questionCan I host more than one domain on my hosting account?
    Yes, you can host unlimited domain names on your account as long as you are using the Unlimited Hosting plan. This feature is not available for the Windows hosting plans.
  2. questionWould canceling one of my accounts affect the rest of my accounts with you?
    No, because each Doteasy hosting account is a separate unit, canceling one of your accounts will not affect the functionality of your other Doteasy accounts.
  3. questionI have more than one Doteasy hosting account, is there an easier way I can manage all my accounts?
    If you have more than one account with Doteasy, you can group them under a Group Manager account for easier managing. You can use the Group Them function in your Member Zone to setup your Group Manager account. Using your Group Manager account, you can easily submit your account renewal and upgr ...