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  1. questionCan I host more than one domain on my hosting account?
    Yes, you can host unlimited domain names on your account as long as you are using the Unlimited Hosting plan. This feature is not available for the Windows hosting plans.
  2. questionHow do I know which hosting plan is right for me?
    It all depends on what you wish to achieve with your website. Basic Hosting is ideal for: Business Brochure Simple HTML/Flash/Image Business/Event Announcement Newsletter Forum(with Doteasy Hosted Forums) Blog (with Doteasy Hosted Blog) Hosted Email Accounts (with Doteasy SmartMail) Unlimited ...
  3. questionWhat hosting plans does Doteasy offer?
    We definitely recommend that you take look at the hosting page on our website: All of the informaiton regarding our current hosting plans are available there.
  4. questionCan you build a custom plan for me?
    We can only provide the hosting plans we have published. We won't be able to customize or scale a hosting plan. Our hosting plans are tailored to fit the majority of our clients at the lowest possible price so we're sure we can find a match for you. Contact us if you have any questions or if you ...