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  1. questionDo you offer email spam and virus filtering?
    All emails received at our mailservers are checked and scanned against public blacklists for spam and email viruses. If you require more advanced spam and virus filtering, you can order our Doteasy Email Protection System service for your email accounts. The Doteasy Email Protection System is an ...
  2. questionWhat is email spoofing?
    "Email Spoofing" is when someone uses your email address as the reply to email address in an email. Because the fields in Outlook Express, or any pop email client program for that matter, are not validated, any user can put any address they choose in this field. This will give the recipient th ...
  3. questionHow did spammers get ahold of my domain email address?
    Spammers target individual users with by sending bulk unsolicited commercial email messages. Email addresses are collected and entered into spam lists by scanning Usenet postings or newsgroups, or searching the web for addresses, or users unwittingly providing their email addresses, or computer ...