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  1. questionWhat is the Doteasy Hosted Gallery?
    The Doteasy Hosted Gallery is an online photo album tool that you can use to store and share your photos online. Because the Doteasy Hosted Gallery is a hosted application, you don't need to install any scripts or configure any databases. Everything is done for you so all you need to do is activ ...
  2. questionHow much does it cost to use the Doteasy Hosted Gallery?
    The Doteasy Hosted Gallery Basic Package is available free-of-charge to all Doteasy web hosting members. The gallery works on all Doteasy hosting accounts. The Doteasy Hosted Gallery: • Gallery storage quota: 50 MB • Max. number of albums: 10 • Max. number of photos: 100 ...
  3. questionI just upgraded to the Unlimited Hosting plan. Is my Photo Gallery account upgraded as well?
    No, please note that upgrading your Doteasy web hosting account will not change your Gallery service plan. Each Doteasy web hosting account is entitled to one (1) Doteasy Hosted Gallery Basic Account, which includes: Gallery storage quota: 50MB Max. number of albums: 10 Max. num ...
  4. questionHow can I tell how many pictures I have in an album and how much storage space remaining?
    The Doteasy Hosted Gallery comes with two sets of statistics: album and gallery. The Album Stats shows the creation date of the album, when it was updated, the total number of photos in the album as well as the total number of hits (or visits). The Gallery Stats shows the numbe ...
  5. questionDo I have to upgrade my Doteasy Basic Hosting account to use the Gallery?
    No, you do not have to upgrade your Doteasy Basic Hosting account to use the Gallery. The Gallery is an add-on application that can be used on all Doteasy web hosting accounts, including the Basic Hosting.
  6. questionDo I need to have a digital camera to use the Doteasy Hosted Gallery service?
    No, you are not required to have a digital camera to use the Doteasy Hosted Gallery. You can digitize traditionally processed prints by scanning and saving them onto your computer. Make sure you save the images in JPEG/JPG, GIF or PNG formats. Once the prints are saved onto your computer, you ...
  7. questionWhat file formats does the Doteasy Hosted Gallery accept?
    The Doteasy Hosted Gallery accepts image files in the JPEG/JPG, GIF and PNG formats. If your image file is in other file formats, you can use an image editor such as Adobe Photoshop to change the file formats.